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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  June 21, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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them off. >> i have to also take it easy, and take it one day at a time. >> she survived terror in an orlando nightclub and now a fox 29 intern patience carter and her friend tiara are back home in philadelphia hear from the girls on how they are looking ahead to their futures. good day, it the is june 21st, 2016. i'm chris murphy. lauren johnson has the morning off. i glanced over your shoulder. all kind of lightening bolts, coming down. >> weather drama in some places. now here in philadelphia we are in the seeing any action at least not yet. there could be more that pop up but we have been watching southern delaware and southern new jersey, jersey shore, if you are not hearing that thunder yet you will be momentarily, atlantic city is about to get that thunderstorm or rain from it. we can see rain heading toward all of the garden state parkway, so we will take away
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light toning see heavy downpours, about to enter cape may county there, already there in the northern part of the cape may county and lewis delaware about to get heavy rain as well where we see that dark readies where we get heavy downpours. we have been calling it fast and furious, and that is how they are moving through this morning. here it is in the raining and it is 75. we have a little bit of the camera here because of the 11 miles an hour breezes. sunrise 25:33, nice and early this morning and we have temperatures that are pretty mild for this time of the year. doylestown is at 75. so does reading. we have 07 in millville. seventy-five in ocean city where you are about to get drenched. in long neck, delaware it is 57 as well. we could get up to 80 degrees with enough sunshine. because even though we have more thunderstorms popping up later in the afternoon we will have a chance to get pretty warm and humid. sunset time 8:33. that is your forecast for are
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first full day of summer because it wasn't until 6:34 last night bob kill that i things got official. >> exactly. >> good morning. 5:02. good morning to you if you are watching us from the comfort of your bed all nice and snuggled, get ready, kid and dogs will join you soon as those thunder boomers will roll through our area it will be a game changer for the morning rush hour. storms are moving through fast but leaving behind wet road, slippery conditions, even like delaware here, a live look at route 13, again road are wet, those storms moved through fast don't be afraid to pull over to a safe spot if you really don't want to be driving through those heavy thunderstorms, down the shore sue just mentioned, ocean city getting ready to get hit next. possible weather delays at philly international, nothing right now on the big board but check with the airline because we have got a couple round moving through this morning. could impact new york airports as well and that will have a domino effect here back in
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philadelphia 95. street road on and off ramps still closed until 5:00. they are picking up cones and that asphalt hopefully is dry enough that vehicles will be able to ride on that this morning there in bucks county. a new schedule for all of the septa's regional rail lines. most of the buses and trolleys as well. make sure you have a new timetable ready to go for the morning. we are dry as a bone on the blue route. this is a live look over the schuylkill expressway. so don't be shocked by the road being dry it depend upon location where you begin and end your trip, we will see wet roads and definitely need extra time this morning if you are driving through those storms. chris, back to you. yes, thank you. lets get to this developing story out of kensington where police are investigating a double shooting, just before 1:30 on east madison street an 18 year-old was found with gunshot wound to the leg. he was taken to temple hospital in stable condition. later, medics found a 23 year-old man shot in the back
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on g and allegheny street. witnesses told philadelphia police shooter had two guns and was firing both weapons at the same time. right now police are looking into whether drugs were involved. now to more developing news police try to find a man behind a violent attack at a center city land mark. they say it happened after a woman asked one of them if she could have a cigarette. steve keeley is in south philadelphia with the story, hi there, steve. >> reporter: just not neon lights here in south philadelphia, that is all colorful but so is their surveillance video. living color as they used to say in the old days. on the very same saturday night, two saturdays ago of the orlando a tack these five punks, not counting would the man with them, bragged like the orlando shoot their they were with isis too as they did very unmanly beesley thing as they beat up a young woman. when a lady stopped into try to stop that they did the unmanly five on one move hitting him mostly from
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behind. all because another woman with this couple after a wedding asked these five guys seen on geno's surveillance for a cigarette. now healed somewhat the past ten days patrick kane, who is 31, looked way worse after the 59 on one attack. the here's pictures of his injuries we have for you. he wases in the suit and tie because they go to a wedding and they stop here to heat on their way back and they were all wrapped up and his wife brooke got hit before which he let these guys know saying they are with isis but is not a joke. >> when we finished we are getting ready to leave and the girls we were with asked can i get a cigarette. the guys response was he flew off the handle. he started yelling with us. you don't know who we are. we blank to isis. we said that is not something you joke about. what makes you think i'm kidding. i'm like let's just leave. we don't know if they have
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guns, knives, whatever. i got punched in the nose. before i could have reacted i got punched in the back of the head and while i was bent over i got the two upper cuts to the eye. i was down on the eye bleeding from my face. i don't know what color their car was or how many cars or where they went, honestly, none of that. >> recognizing this woman is another way to catch these creeps because she was with them and she drove one of the two vehicles with new jersey license plates that no one unfortunately got numbers and letters on. a truck and a suv both dark colored according to other witnesses, understandable that patrick kane didn't see them because his eyes was nearly sealed shot from being punched. maybe if our viewers tip off police, since these guys don't like america and they like to claim they are with isis, maybe they can spend the birthday of america fourth of july lock up in jail, how is that, chris a week from monday
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how about that for a goal good in all seriousness, lets go through this, pat's and geno's are about the only two places that opens up at 24 hours what happens after 2:00 a.m. people get munchises so they go there where was philadelphia's finest they cannot afford to send a squad car while they have people spending time in these hours. >> reporter: there is a lot of bars on a lot of corners in this town and we can't have a cop on every corner but there are cops here all the time. look right now police are here, so geno's has been a strong supporter of the police department, and vice verse a they are always eating here when they get a break. unfortunately that was probably five minutes that the cops weren't here at geno's but we support the cops and we want everybody to know that good of course we do. >> steve keeley, thank you. coming up on 5:08. 911 traps scripts from the orlando massacre are out,
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department of justice initially release word of the omar mateen with all references to allegiance to radical is lame or isis but after a large outcry here at least unedited version, fbi says omar mateen called 911 dispatchers 33 minutes after firing the first shot inside pulse nightclub. he pledged his allegiance to isis and called himself a solder for terrorist organization. fbi believes mateen, who killed 49 people, inside that club was radicalized here in the u.s. authorities will in the release 911 calls, the victims from inside the club. mateen by the way was been and raised in the u.s. patience carter and tiara parker seen here were inside the night club when the gun man opened fire. philadelphia woman lost one of their best friend in this attack. patience is a fox 29 intern as you know. she and tiara are back in philadelphia. they stopped by our station last night. tiara tells us how she managed to cope with life since that
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emotional night of terror. >> just trying to take it as easy as i possibly can as much as i possibly can. it is hard. i have to live day after day thinking and living that situation. as much as i don't show it, no crying, breaking down, i just take it easy. time heels all wounds. >> patience and tiara say they want to share their message of faith, resilience to anyone having a hard time. both women will join us on good day fail this morning. tune in at 7:30 as they talk about what it was like to live those terrifying moments inside pulse nightclub and their meeting with president obama. happening right now, therapy dogs from our area heading to orlando to ease
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pain affected by those tragedies. dave kinchen is live from cherry hill. >> reporter: good morning to you. as they just left tri-state k-9 crisis response team literally just left this parking lot where we are, here in cherry hill and heading to fly out to orlando. they left moment ago. we met them, to board a bus to the airport. this is an all volunteer organization bringing several crisis response therapy dogs to help ease the pain of those dealing with the impact of the shooting. they are going to help victims. they're going to help the first responders down there as they recover and victims recover from their injuries. these dogs are train to help those with ptsd and other emotional need. i spoke to tom, the team leader, who gives us more on the mission. >> our main objective when we get down there is making sure emergency services are taken care of. they tend to get overlooked in these situations. so we will be focused on taking care of police, fire, e
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ms, and as well as hospital staff going down there providing services to them, because they get overlooked in these situations. post traumatic stress disorder is huge when it comes to traumatic events like this. >> reporter: they have been raising money throughout the last few days working tirelessly. they needed $10,000 for this mission. they say they are under budget but they are going anyway. if you want to help them out they have a go fun me page. we can get you more information on that on our web site. happening today a tulleytown couple accused of abusing their infant twin daughters will face a j michael and melissa shales are scheduled for their preliminary hearing in bucks county. police arrested them last month after their two month-old girls were discovered with broken bones and they were malnourished. the injuries so severe one had to be sent to the hospital. shales have been charged with a number of crimes including felony child abuse and aggravated assault who does that to kids. philadelphia's
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controversial soda tax becomes law, group now calling the tax unconstitutional and how they plan to take action. it is a food bank that a lot of local people depend on, something that will make the demand even greater. the struggle organizers want you to know about.
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you can find it all only in new york. new york. it's all here. it's only here. plan your summer vacation at tracking thunderstorms, some to the north of us and south of us and a little witt of showers in between but we will focus on the
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thunderstorms, all these lightening bolts out of the hazelton and allentown if you are not hearing thunder yet, you where to and you see what the dark colored, orange, and red, that they are heavy downpours and now there are indications this means hail associated with some of these thunderstorms, again, fast and furious. we have another line that we have been watching that came out of central delaware and now southern delaware and jersey shore is getting pounded with these heavy downpours and the lightening is showing up as well as we are hearing the thunder and an indication of a storm that has hail, in cape may, new jersey right now there is also that heavy downpour in lee is delaware and zoom in there as well as just south of georgetown answerer millions bureau delaware back to the jersey shore with strathmere getting heavy rain, lighter in stone harbor but west wildwood at diamond beach heavy rain also. so these storms will continue probably for the next couple
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of hours but you could escape this morning without getting one. they are isolated and kind of of scattered, but then we will go and see some more developing later this afternoon. we may not make it to 90 degrees. it will be a close call to see if we get our second heat wave of the season but we will keep an eye on the skies for more storms throughout the night tonight. wednesday looks like ale decent day another cold front coming through on thursday, and then it should be scattered showers throughout the day, maybe even a few pop up thunderstorms in the afternoon. so, putting that all together in the seven day forecast maybe 90-degree today depending how much sunshine we will get. eighty-seven tomorrow. sunny and breezy. by thursday it is showers and thunderstorms but your pay off is a very fine friday with lower humidity and temperatures in the low to mid 80's. we will heat backup over weekend, and by tuesday, by monday of next week we should be back in the 90's. your shore temperatures today and tomorrow highs in the 70's
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at the beach but not right now, bob kelly. >> not right now, you don't need that bucket, and shovel we need an umbrella we are looking live outside wildwood. we will hold on to that shot, lightening popping down here. if you are watching us down the shore maybe down there with the kid for a little vacation, it is not an early morning fire works display get ready for feet running in the bedroom any minute and dogs will be jumping under the bed or under the covers with you here. we are getting hit along the jersey shore from cape may through wildwood through the gang down there in avalon and stone harbor. but as quickly as it moves through is as quickly as it is moving out and leaving behind wet roadways like here in delaware. this is route three wet behind the ears from the storms hitting the jersey shore rolled through here about a half an hour ago. sue mention watching us right the now up in the poconos, allentown, quakertown, bethlehem area, get ready
5:18 am
another round coming your way and that will wet and soak the northeast extension, the pennsylvania turnpike, portions of 422. here's delaware county a live look at i-95 near 452. dry as a bone. the hit and miss. it is all location, location, location as far as morning rush hour goes. headlights still on but road are dry. no, they are wet there you can see glare off the road surface. this is 42 freeway in toward philadelphia and here's a live look at i-95 out of the north east at cottman avenue. the mass transit looking good. back to you. we have to see in chester county police want to know who beat a woman to death in her own home. relative police say discovered body of six two-year old denise barger, in her berwyn home, long heather stone drive, on friday. barger lived alone since her husband died in march. she recently sold the property days before her body was found
5:19 am
to friend. officials are investigating what may have happened. anyone with information is urged to call police. woman turn herself in for a brutal murder we first told but last week. the prosecutors charge 39 shavon armstrong with murder kidnapping and other offences. she killed 26 year-old toy charta bryant and left her body on georges hill drive-in fairmount park on june 14th. they have not released a possible motive in this case. now a couple found bryant's bod which stab wound, and a gunshot wound to the head. pennsylvania supreme court says it will not review request to have a case begins bill cosby thrown out. montgomery county judge had already reject defense efforts to throw out the case based on cosby's argument that in 2005, the d.a. at the time made a promise not to prosecute him. so, cosby lawyers, petitioned the state's high court to tropical the case on the same grounds. well, yesterday the state supreme court refused to even
5:20 am
review that decision. cosby now faces charges of sexually assaulting a former temple university in 20 on 46789 they will be back in court next month when his arguing for a new preliminary hearing. 50:00. philadelphia's controversial tax on various drinks is now law. mayor jim kenney of philadelphia put ink to paper. supporters of the tax, filled city hall for the big moment yesterday. by a wide array of drinks in philadelphia and you have to hand over 1.5 cents per ounce on top of the retail price. mayor says most of that money will go toward funding expanded prek programs and community schools and parks and recollect centers. >> i believe a couple things, believe that the initiatives we have identified resonated with folks, prek commission made it clear that prek was a huge issue for every community. obviously we need to help our children have a better learning environment which community schools will help while our legislative
5:21 am
delegation is fighting with the governor for more money for public schools. >> they called the tax unconstitutional vowing to take legal action. small businesses, fear it will hurt their bottom line. with the school year over, hundreds of thousands of kids in our area will no longer receive free meals, through school. that means many of them will go hungry this summer. food bank of south jersey is seeking your help to keep that from happening. food bank helps 300,000 families during the school year. they are looking for donations to ensure the pant try stays stocked through the summer. >> is there a time when people go away, and they want to get away from their job and have a good time. >> we should have brought in more food. so we are trying to say is, remember that time that does not take a vacation. >> food bank offers many programs over the summer such as providing free lunches for local cam presidents and day
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completing a multi million-dollar make over, monk upgrade redesigned hotel rooms, high limit slots, new nightclub and a beauty salon. so tropicana also added fantasy theme multi media lights and sound shows. the hotel casino spend 40 million-dollar renovating. talk about giving away free tacos, taco bell, because golden state warrior stole a win over the calves in the home turf. we know cavilers won the champion ship. they did it in oakland. don't question this, these are free, doretto tacos. the promotion called steel a taco all depended on one team winning a game at opposing teams arena during the series. warriors did that june 10th. that free taco is a railable all across the country today from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m. in word if they will do another one for cavilers win in oakland to win the whole thing a couple days ago. local community is helping those impact by the tragedy in orlando how they help comfort
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will come in the form of the four legged friend. well, chris you'll remember back after winter classic january 20 12a rangers fan in line here at geno's steaks pummeled by flyers fans, and now four years later we have another person, pummeled and this time it is also a group on one attack.
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whoo! i mean, whoo. a vicious attack in south philadelphia, clues investigators are using to try to catch these men. they survived terror in an orlando nightclub and now fox 29 intern patience carter and her friend tiara are back home in philadelphia hear from the girls and how they are looking ahead to the future. good day it is june 21st, 2016 i'm chris murphy. lauren johnson has the morning off. lets go to sue serio. we have thunder and lightening moving in, sue. >> quite a bit to the south and up to the north. we are in between, you might see a scattered shower in the philadelphia area but not much but we have lightening, thunder toward allentown and toward bucks and montgomery county and then a lot of thunderstorm activity at jersey shore and delaware beaches. take away lightening and you can see they are moving so
5:31 am
fast they are almost clearing the coast already and they just entered places like wildwood and cape may. bus stop buddy has the umbrella with him this morning. temperatures cooling in the 60's but right now at philly international we have a muggy 75 degrees with 5:33 is your sunrise time and couple temperatures to show you. seventy-five doylestown. sixty-five in mount pocono to get you started. we could make it to 90 degrees in some places but with more scattered thunderstorms in the forecast and limited sunshine it will still get warm. we are backing off that 90-degree high, high temperature of around 86 i think today at the most. it depend whether we will get isolate i had thunderstorms or not. sunset time 8:33. it is certainly in the boring this morning. we have lots of action. bob kelly has been seeing that on his traffic cameras. >> definitely getting the joint jumping this morning,
5:32 am
and, 5:31. wildwood new jersey just outside west wildwood, here this is toll plaza where a few moments ago we were seeing thunder boomers roll through and rolled out. it looks like rain has stopped leaving behind the big old puddles here. as we put maps in motion, maybe they will in the get in motion. there you go, here's a live look sueby mentioned allentown, pennsylvania getting hit hard just a few miles away on the northeast extension. we're dry as a bone. we go 3 miles in, route 22, we are getting socked here. it is all location and where you begin and even. you can start out dry and you can roll right in the head of the storm there. don't be afraid to pull over in a safe location, until these storms pass. otherwise 55 miles an hour on 422, in problems just yet on the schuylkill expressway as you work your way in and out of the center city philadelphia all of the
5:33 am
bridges are looking fine. mass transit running with no delays. i will get a new battery for the clicker, back over to you. we are following developing news out of kensington where police are investigating a double shooting this shooting happened just before 1:30 on east madison street an 18 year-old was found at that location with the gunshot wound to the leg. he was taken to temple hospital in stable condition. now a little later medics found a 23 year-old man shot in the back, on g and allegheny street, witnesses told philadelphia police that the shooter had two guns and was firing both weapons at the same time. police are looking into whether drugs might have been involved. innocent question, turns into a violent assault at geno's steaks in south philadelphia. now police are searching for the men who they say beat up a group of friend who simply want sod cheese steaks. lets go to steve keeley with the latest on this, steve, good morning. >> reporter: we want to give our viewers a lot more than normal incentive to tip off police because we're in the real happy with anybody invoking the name isis in the
5:34 am
wake of that orlando attack but what a coincidence on the same saturday as the orlando attack the same thing uttered from people in this attack here at geno's steaks that they are with isis. look at our surveillance video from geno's this was five on one attack, first on young woman and then, on one of their husbands who tried to step in and protect his wife from these in the so tough guys who did not so fair thing, five on one beating this guy mostly from behind, of course, 31 year-old patrick kane, whom we have pictures of how he looked not long after that attack. he has a suit and tayoun because he and his wife had been to the wednesdaying with a female friend who just happened to anger these guys for some reason by asking if they had a spare cigarette. >> don't talk to me, you don't know who we are. why would you ask me that question. we blank to isis. just flew off the handle. once we heard that, like i said we were basically saying
5:35 am
that is in the something you joke about. that is ignorant. it is not funny. goes what makes you think i'm trying to go funny and hand on the girls. once we separate and calm everything sun because i wanted to leave that is when i started to say you don't know if they have a gun or a knife. clearly we're out numbered. this will not be fair at all. i got punched in the nose when i was trying to settle things. i said lets just leave. we don't know if they have guns, knives, whatever. so i got punch in the nose and mr. i could have reacted i got punched in the back of the head and while i was bent over i got two upper cuts to the eye. >> reporter: that is i good man right there ladies, he stepped in despite taking that pummeling. at least he made sure his wife didn't get hit any more but his wife brooke did get hit a few times before pat stepped in. in one got the license plate sadly on the two vehicles both
5:36 am
dark colored but they did see they were new jersey plates ape they did see this woman with these five guys driving one of the vehicles. maybe you recognize this woman who will then likely inform on her five creepy friends if you can give the cops this with man's name they will see how tough they are when they are doing time for aggravated assault and we can see how saying with isis, is handled in prison. now chris, this happened in a in the so busy time here 4:15 in the morning when we are here usually here. it is a 24 hour operation but 4:15 probably even on a weekend saturday into sun day, probably not a lot of people who could help step in and get these license plates sadly. >> good point. thanks, steve. speaking of ice is and all that, the 911 transcripts from the orlando nightclub massacre are out and department of justice initially released the word of omar mateen with all reference toss legion toss
5:37 am
radical is lame an isis, rehalved but after a outcry they released unedited version. omar mateen called dispatchers 33 minutes after he fired the first shot inside the pulse nightclub. he pledged his allegiance to isis and called himself a solder for the terrorist organization. the fbi believes mateen, who killed 49 people inside the club, was radicalized here in the u.s. authorities will in the release the 911 calls of the victims from inside the club. patience carter and tiara parker were inside the club when the gun man opened fire. the philadelphia woman lost one of their friend in the violence. patience, as you know is a fox 29 intern. she is new back in philadelphia and they stopped by fox 29 last night. so, she and tiara parker will join us on "good day philadelphia" later this morning. coming up in less than two hours at 7:30. in the wake of the orlando shooting the debate on gun control rages on. the measure denied that would prevent suspected terrorist
5:38 am
from getting their hand on guns.
5:39 am
5:40 am
good morning i'm howard eskin. phillies they just keep setting records for ineptness. let's run them down. phillies scored five runs in losing all four to end the home stan. phillies got swept in the home stand in at least six games for the first time since 1964. to citizens bank park first inning, nobody out, i mean nobody out, and it is already one to nothing.
5:41 am
here with the base hit. next batter is jake lamb and you have got to be kidding me, crush these ball, three batters in, phillies down three to nothing. the it is over. they lose three-one. phillies are, trying to recover. >> it is a tough thing to deal with considering how we started the year. we have to just keep going. there is nothing you can do now about previous games. we just got to keep going. >> it will not turn around. >> cleveland cavilers arrived back in cleveland yesterday. they had a busy day. 's they won in oakland they went to vegas and flew home and lebron wanted to show off their trophy. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. ryan arcidiacono gets a predraft work out with the sixers, he says it was great to be back home and work out with the team that he grew up, loving. arch has been on a whirlwind tora cross the country following villanova's national championship win. he has work out with several
5:42 am
nba teams and says it is important to keep doing what he has done all the way up to this point. good luck, arch. it would be great to have him right there playing on the home turf. assassination plot against donald trum in las vegas. much more on that straight ahead. xt1 underline xt1 underline
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mazda cx9. go to fox click on the contest paining or home page, we will pick a final list once a week and on our final show we will have a big give away. here's where we are headed, big finally friday july between the second at dell music center in fair mount park. run out and see us. try to win that brand new mazda cx9. sue serio, good morning to you. active weather morning. >> it won't be like this on friday morning, but you can see a few dark cloud over allentown this morning as they get ready for potentially some thunderstorms. lets check radar to see where they are. we have been watching an area to the south and north, we are right here in the mid until philadelphia and there are some heavy downpours in mount pocono, around pottstown, allentown we are starting to get rain and these storms are strong. here's one with hail, northwestern of the berks county, and one with high wind associated with it but all that way up to the north. all of the heavy thunderstorms
5:46 am
it looks like they have all cleared the coast but ocean city maryland is probably, rocking and rolling this morning. right now we will go down and look at this thunderstorm that has had some hail falling and that has moved off shore but down around bethenny beach we are seeing rain, fenwick island and dewey beach as well. for this line of thunderstorms around avalon, stone harbor, wildwood it was fast and furious. probably very loud down there when it all got started. will we make it to 90 once the sun comes out today? even in places that just had thunderstorms. now it looks like we may not with a high near the 80's this computer model is indicating 83 for a high temperature today as cooler air moves in. we may not get our second heat wave of the season but we can show you, showers and then are storms moving through thursday as well. seven day forecast, has 90 today. we will get to change that. eighty-seven for tomorrow.
5:47 am
86 degrees for thursday with some showers and thunderstorms. by friday weather is fine with a high of 84 abe lower humidity, always worth celebrating there. warming up over weekend though to the upper 80's and probably back in the 90's by monday. shore temperatures in the mid to upper 07's today and tomorrow and kick nothing with a hand breeze thursday and friday. that is your weather authority forecast, bob kelly, you are looking at rain intive rent place these morning. >> hit and miss all over the place. kate, can you grab my click are over there i hate when that happens. 5:47. here's an example of the approach of the storm, this is a picture from bethlehem here, i78, lot at background here. it is coming our way and bam, 2 miles further, west, you get whacked here through allentown with a major thunderstorm on i78, portions of the turnpike and that quick, bam it is out
5:48 am
of here. live look at i-95 in the fishtown section of the city. good morning. good girard avenue, seeing the airport and throughout the day as sue mentioned we will get first round this morning. we will take a break and then another round later on tonight for evening rush hour. if you intend to fly, whether it is clear here in philly or not check with the airline because there could be some delays coming in from other airports. no problems at the moment along the schuylkill expressway, starting to see delays on the 42 freeway. they got hit here. you can see glare on the road surface. everything is wet, on and off ramps slippery this morning. further you get to the shore, the heavier the rain and sue just mentioned those thunderstorms moving out to sea. mass transit looking good with no delays. chris, back over to you. 5:48. in the wake of the mass shooting in orlando the senate blocked plans to keep guns out of the hand of the suspected terrorist and plans that would beef up governmental
5:49 am
background checks. four senate plans were on the table both democrats and republicans, came in offering an option to keep people on terror watch lists, from getting guns. both sides, offered a plan to strengthen existing background checks for gun purchases. each proposal, however failed to get votes needed to pass. u.s. supreme court has chosen not to review a sweeping ban on assault weapons. high court will not take up a legal challenge to gun control laws in new york and connecticut. laws criminal ice possession of the semiautomatic firearms and large capacity magazines. seven states in the advertise trick of columbia enacted laws banning what they find as assault weapons n our area that list includes new jersey. man arrested in a donald trump rally in las vegas said he tried to grab an officer's gun so he could kill trump. police arrested michael steven sanford at a rally saturday at treasure island a casino. at the event stanford told police he wanted an autograph for trump before grabbing a
5:50 am
hand on a officer's gun. he said he had been planning an as nation of trump for about a full year. authorities say he had a ticket for trump rally in phoenix, as a backup. shake up inside trump's campaign long time campaign manager corry lewandowski has been fired, sources say "fox news" was and then and another story close to the, and was forced out, because of his poor relationship with g.o.p. leaders. trump's decision comes weeks before the g.o.p. convention and dipped in recent poles. new monmouth university poll has presumptive democratic nominee hillary clinton leading trump 49 to 41 percent, and 47 percent to 40 percent among registered voters, both are still struggling and like ability department. >> welshing that convention as you know will be in philadelphia here, yes. >> and how about cleveland.
5:51 am
>> yes. >> they get cavilers to win the whole thing and they have trump g.o.p. convention. >> yes. >> cleveland, what did i just do. >> by the way we have talk about patience carter for a week and a half now horrible situation in orlando florida. she's or inturn, her good friend the right side of the screen. they will both come into the show. she's back where she's supposed to be. back where she belongs on "good day philadelphia" as our intern. she will be with us this morning. >> still in pain i'm sure after the gun shot wounds. >> also, what else was i go to go tell you. oh, i have been having some aches and pains in my joints. >> what is that. >> that is me naked in a big vat of nitro again. anyway, that rick age. that is the temperature, 232 degrees below zero.
5:52 am
>> major shrink age. >> and also, we will have dessert for breakfast. >> that is the best part of being an adult, the best part of waking up, is folgers in your cup. >> no, forget folgers we will have ice cream, banana splits for breakfast. >> what? >> that is new with chia seed. did you see line up for made in america. >> it goodies. >> cold play, rihanna. >> that is huge. >> and two chains. >> no, two chains. >> seriously. >> i didn't see that. >> two chains is going to be here. >> all right. >> chain, chain, chain, chain of fools. >> i'll see new eight minutes you get better looking every day. >> i can't wait until tomorrow. >> i'll see you. >> 5:52 is the time. how about this a family's happy reunion after their beloved pet was brought away by a car thief.
5:53 am
lick i turn off fate and good samaritan that made it all possible.
5:54 am
5:55 am
welcome back on the first full day of summer, 75 degrees
5:56 am
abe some storms are moving through. a happy dog and a excited family in philadelphia datson terrier mix is reunited with a woman who saved him. theo was in his mom's car earlier this month while she was running a quicker rand in mayfair some one stole the car with theo inside. few blocks later one of the thieves pushed him out and drove him off. luckily joan heart a shop rite employee saw it all happen, scooped up theo and they took him home. not long after they mentioned the missing dog to the different shop rite employee and now he found a dog. >> and they told me well, is there a dog that is posted in mayfair that was stolen in a car. so i just on my break i texted and saw the dog and matched description of the doggie had and i just called number and called the owner. >> and get this, she got off work 30 minutes early that night. if that had not happened she
5:57 am
would not have been able to rescue theo. theo's family is overjoyed to have him back. neck up they have survived terror in orland own a now fox 29 intern patience carter and tiara are back home from philadelphia hear from the girls and how they are looking ahead. and a fight out of control at geno's steaks the bizarre claim these men made before the fists started flying.
5:58 am
♪ caress presents... the world's first bodywash with fragrance release pearls. touch your skin to release fragrance up to 12 hours. now in 4 unforgettable fragrances
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6:00 am
man and his wife attacked outside geno's steaks, the disturbing except made by this group of guys right before they attack the couple. and then this... >> keep believing because you never know, you never know for sure if you will get pulled out. >> a mission to inspire patience carter and tiara parker opening up about life after the orlando attack that left them both hurt. the message these brave young women want to you hear. >> they are in our studio this morning. plus police in kensington are investigating a double shooting, what witnesses say the shooter was doing with two guns in his hands. good day, it is tuesday, june 21st, 2016. welcome to "good day philadelphia" on this first day of summer. >> first official full day because it started yesterday evening, right sue.


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